"Works great!!  Can he make the same product to funnel air to us while riding in the cart?!  Louisiana heat is mad at us."

- Colby

"I've looked at many others and nobody comes close!  Keeps dry just by using the sun and breeze from the golf cart to dry the glove from the inside and outside at the same time.

- Jay

"It has helped!  I run 2 gloves during the heat.  So one on The Glove Buddy to make sure I always have the best grip possible.  Most important accessory I have!  Using it this morning as I speak!"

- Tyler

"It has been awesome!  Here in Houston, TX, I have one on my hand and one on The Glove Buddy and swap every hole!  Now if I just had a solution for my swing..."

- Jeremy

Living and playing golf in Florida my gloves are always soaked, but this on the go dryer I'm able to rotate my gloves and keep them for gripping and not slipping.

- John Bell

If you play golf in California's Central Valley or any area of extreme heat, The Glove Buddy is a must have.  Best way to keep your sweaty gloves DRY!!  Great value.

- Mark